Release Notes

Version 2.X
In Development

  • Adding report filters and an export button to the MAPL dashbaord
  • Removing completed walk in orders from the dashboard
  • Performance Improvements
  • Adding gates to ensure that Consents get signed and Service Completed gets marked.

Version 2.5.2

  • Added the ability to bypass the scheduler for specific tests
  • Removed the invite.ics from the email template if bypass scheduler is enabled
  • Resolved a bug with the draw fee calculation on the cart page
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing telehealth providers from receiving the full PDF copy of results
  • Resolved bug that was causing result values on the edit order page and reports to be overwritten. 
  • Updates to scheduler exception blocksVisual updates to the scheduler page
  • Removed MD Care logic from the scheduler controllers
  • Updates to exceptions - made weekend working days using exceptions
  • Optimize patient and order lookup on post result process
  • Disallow the creation of appointment duplicates
  • Visual updates to the scheduler page
  • Update to Global Custom Panel Pages to allow for the clinical collection workflow
  • Resolved a bug with reference value lookups
  • Removed cancelled appointments from the client dashboard

Version 2.5.1

  • Added the ability to bypass the scheduler for specific tests
  • Added the ability to have custom text on the scheduler page per test
  • Applied logic to allow for custom appointment confirmations and result templates per test
  • Added logic to prevent an error message on registration, even if the location's settings have a faulty value such as an invalid email address
  • Updated the PDF to remove countries and switch the order of the name fields
  • Modified the sex field to be Male / Female to align with Quest's requirements
  • Introduced global pages that can be used for pre-brick and mortar locations
  • Updated colors on the scheduler page and calendar to be closer aligned with our website
  • Resolved a bug with the calendar sync that was causing some users to receive an error when trying to sync their calendar
  • Resolved a typo with the Proceed to Payment button
  • Resolved a bug with email templates not being applied properly in some cases when a provider approves the result
  • Added the ability to add order requisitions to email templates

Version 2.5

  • Introducing Single Sign On with our ARCpoint email accounts
  • Updating the logic used for customers to verify their email address and see their results
  • Adding filtering options to the dashbaord home page
  • Updating the scheduler page to remove unnecessary fields and clean up the interface
  • Making additional styling changes to streamline the look and feel of the customer journey
  • Reslving an issue with some test reference values
  • Resolved a bug with Add Another Test when using magic links to order a test or service
  • Introduced an option to send the lab requisition to customers
  • Resolving a bug with result templates
  • Resolving an issue with time zones being displayed incorrectly on email confirmations
  • Added new API functionality for the website
  • Increased the MAPL / Website sync time to happen every 1 hour instead of every 4 hours
  • Resolved a time zone issue for appointment confirmation texts and emails

Version 2.4.9

  • Modified time zones to be set at the client level instead of the user level
  • Workflow updates to improve the shopping cart experience
  • Resolving a bug with cancelled appointments
  • Updating colors and styling to match the website
  • Modifying the "Find a location" page to make it more intuitive for mobile users
  • Increase block times for appointment ranges
  • Added a Call To Action button that will update a button on the website home page.
  • Added tracking logic to help calculate CPA and ROI.

Version 2.4.8

  • Resolved iPhone spacing issues in the shopping cart and pre-registration pages
  • Updated the specimen collection on AML tests to use a single collection time
  • Added ability to automatically fax results to a physician
  • Modified clinical collections to support phlebotomy and non phlebotomy collection sites
  • Adjusted the UI of the custom panel page
  • Fixed a bug with the "show more" button on the scheduler that was preventing you from seeing additional appointments
  • Resolved a bug that was causing an error during registration if you sign in instead of creating a new patient record
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing some appointments from sending SMS and email messages.
  • Resolved an issue that was allowing customers to see tests that were not marked as Display On Website
  • Added ability to copy test pricing and activation status from one client to another.
  • Added collection type column to schedule table
  • Added tracking to global custom panel pages
  • Added a filter to the tests page from the client view
  • Resolved a bug that wouldn't allow appointments to be edited or canceled if the patient email address had not yet been entered.

Version 2.4.5

  • Added dollar amount to the order report.
  • Added consent versioning for the financial consents.
  • Added the possibility to use a custom blurb of text above the signature box.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing email verifications from being completed.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing the consent check boxes from being saved properly when using pre-registration pages.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing some results from being delivered if certain characters were in their email address.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing some tests from displaying on the custom test panel page.  
  • Added API functionality for announcement bars on the new website

Version 2.4.2

  • Created a new method to quickly add a new patient with the green button the dashboard page. 
  • Added QR code for completing patient registration to the order page.
  • Resolved a bug with filters on the dashboard
  • Resolved a bug with the scheduler status page that was not working if a room or staff member had been deleted.
  • Allow locations to use the old registration workflow if desired.
  • Added a "Complete my registration" button for customers as soon as they complete their short registration process.
  • Added additional API endpoints to work with virtual physicians. 
  • Resolved a bug with floating staff member availability. 

Version 2.4.1

  • Added "Share Order" button to the custom test panel page for physician ordering.
  • Update to walk in appointment workflow
  • Resolved issue with AML barcodes
  • Add PDF converter to support the latest PDF versions

Version 2.4

  • Simiplified user experience for the shopping cart and checkout pages
  • Outlook Calendar integration
  • One time sign in links now available for patients
  • Quickbooks integration as a payment gateway
  • Quickbooks reconciliation dashboard
  • Added Walk In Appointment option to the scheduler
  • Added Ask On Entry questions to Custom Panel Tests
  • Ability to download a PDF of the signed consent for
  • Notice in the dashboard for users who have not completed their registration
  • New button to re-send registration email which also allows users to update their contact informationAdded a quick sign in token for patients
  • Resolved user account creation bug
  • Resolved bug that was breaking exception is room scheduling
  • Draw fees are showing in the shopping cart, even when when set to inactive
  • Draw fees are shoing multiples in the shopping cart when more than one test is being ordered with a required draw fee.

Version 2.3.1

    • Allow sub clients to use rooms from their parents
    • Fixed the after hours issue where the schedule would roll to the next day
    • Put the Jodit editor on the provider pages
    • Resolved default test price issue in the API
    • Added Social links to clients
    • Improved the speed of Global Landing Pages

Version 2.3

    • Added a custom notes field per patient
    • Added customer facing features to custom test panels to allow them to be scheduled through the website and landing pages
    • Allow custom test panels to be ordered through landing pages and/or the website
    • Quick process for adding appointments without the patient data
    • Added a new HTML editor to resolve HTML markup issues
    • Added a custom notes field per patient
    • Updated payment method options to allow both credit card and pay at location
    • Added clarity for adding coupon codes to all tests at once
    • Resolved an issue where the client user in staff dropdown become blury on hover
    • Faciliate $0 orders and 100% coupon codes.
    • Updated components to stage the Quickbooks Integration
    • Update orders to be marked as completed when approved so they will go directly to patients.
    • Client Scheduler Notification when an appointment is updated
    • Enable and disable staff requirement
    • Added 30 minute buffer in the scheduler
    • Make the test searchable on the New Order page for walk in patients
    • Payment Method can support Pay at Location or Credit Card
    • Added a button to reset assigned rooms and staff

Version 2.2
August 23, 2023

  • Added email notifications that get sent to the client when appointments get scheduled
  • Made pay at location the default
  • Resolved HTML rendering issue that was showing incorrect HTML markup on some landing pages and custom test panel pages
  • Added an Amount column to the appointment page so you can see tests costs at a glance
  • Added client phone number to text messages sent to the patient
  • Updated the notifications on the scheduler status page to be more intuitive when completing updates.
  • Resolved bug with assigning rooms and staff members after page 1 of the scheduler status page
  • Resolved payment method bug that was preventing pay at location and credit card options from displaying at the same time. 

Version 2.1
August 8, 2023

  • Added Clinical Collections workflow
  • Update the Fax Status success message
  • Added total amount to the scheduler dashboard
  • Fixed parent guarding consent forms
  • Resolved issue with fax cover page not being applied properly.
  • Added client phone numbers to the text messages that get sent to patients. 

Version 2.0
July 13, 2023

  • Introduced Add Another Test to the shopping cart
  • Conflict resolved with schedule appointment window
  • New display filter for the custom test panel page to accommodate hidden active tests
  • Implemented database synchronizatoin
  • Update to scheduler to make appointment scheduling more intuitive and make a friendlier pop up when appointments are not found
  • Removed all restrictions with sending results via fax message
  • HTML embedded formatting for landing pages
  • Added website URLs to landing pages
  • Support for drag and drop re-ordering items on landing pages

Version 1.9.3
June 16, 2023

  • [ARCPOINT-448] Update client creation and client edit for Client Users
  • [ARCPOINT-830] Test Category delete button in test edit correction
  • [ARCPOINT-850] Create API Endpoint To Update Client Tests By Lab Tests
  • [ARCPOINT-866] Client Test improved for faster Load Time 
  • [ARCPOINT-881] username to login should not be case sensitive
  • [ARCPOINT-887] User editing an order badges not locked
  • [ARCPOINT-903] Uploading image does not change collection date and time.
  • [ARCPOINT-914] update button in client edit effected values reviewed.
  • [ARCPOINT-921] Faxing feature opened to all user roles
  • [ARCPOINT-922] null order IDs created by abandoned shopping cart appointments fixed
  • [ARCPOINT-923] Database duplicates corrected 
  • [ARCPOINT-924] Clients displaying on the panel table.
  • [ARCPOINT-925] search bar for panels corrected.
  • [ARCPOINT-926] notice detailing that a fax may not be completed until there is a result value
  • [ARCPOINT-928] changes to rooms give users a confirmation alert upon submit
  • [ARCPOINT-929] API Endpoint To Update Client Tests By Lab Tests v2
  • [ARCPOINT-930] working hours added to the scheduler status page 
  • [ARCPOINT-931] Category delete fixed in test edit
  • [ARCPOINT-933] holiday exception for scheduler fixed
  • [ARCPOINT-935] Select Client When Creating New Order fixed
  • [ARCPOINT-936] Faxing improved to support multiple tests in an order

Version 1.9.2
June 1, 2023

  • [ARCPOINT-912] -- New owner dashbaord to review all scheduler settings and quickly manage rooms and tests.
  • [ARCPOINT-913] -- Improved user experience for the client staff assignment page.
  • [ARCPOINT-862] -- In the scheduler customer reports NAN for any price that exceeds 3 digits.
  • [ARCPOINT-869] -- On order, new order as a lab user, when I enter DOB, warning never disappears.
  • [ARCPOINT-877] -- Update faxing logic for result delivery via fax
  • [ARCPOINT-883] -- Logo update on the result PDF.
  • [ARCPOINT-884] -- Ordering Provider update on the results cover page
  • [ARCPOINT-889] -- As a lab user, in client edit adding guardian consent generates an error on pre-reg pages
  • [ARCPOINT-893] -- As a lab user in result view, emails and texts not sending in production
  • [ARCPOINT-900] -- Added additional sentence to appointment alert
  • [ARCPOINT-901] -- Scanning QR code in patient emails generates error
  • [ARCPOINT-905] -- Rewrite of logic on shopping cart pages to avoid duplicate supplemental items
  • [ARCPOINT-915] -- AOE questions working for scheduler and shopping cart.
  • [ARCPOINT-916] -- Update scheduler workflows to grab the supp item with the highest price by default if duplicated
  • [ARCPOINT-917] -- V2-as a patient using scheduler, gray out the payment button after click to prevent user from clicking multiple times
  • [ARCPOINT-918] -- V2-Resolved schedules being set with NULL Payment Method

Version 1.9.1
May 30, 2023​​​​​​​

  • [ARCPOINT-101] Feature - Allow users to reorder AOE questions on the forms, pre-reg pages, and question page.
  • [ARCPOINT-746] Resolved - Sub Client ID Workflow
  • [ARCPOINT-833] Resolved - some image links in test edit generate the error page
  • [ARCPOINT-840] Resolved - Supplemental items selections not persisting
  • [ARCPOINT-841] Resolved - Duplicate Supplemental Items Showing on Some Orders
  • [ARCPOINT-844] Sync Sandbox data with production through an automated weekly update
  • [ARCPOINT-845] Resolved - Can't Assign Client to Test
  • [ARCPOINT-847] correct styling issues in shopping cart
  • [ARCPOINT-853] establishing lab and client test fields priority
  • [ARCPOINT-857] avoid automatically activating (for client) newly assigned tests.
  • [ARCPOINT-858] Sorting for tests and panels
  • [ARCPOINT-859] Resolved - AOE Questions are not triggered for appointments made through scheduler
  • [ARCPOINT-860] Resolved - missing allergies in patient edit
  • [ARCPOINT-861] Customer was charged twice by payment processing
  • [ARCPOINT-863] Resolved - Issue generated for customer on appointment edit
  • [ARCPOINT-864] Update "Add All Tests" Functionality In Edit Client
  • [ARCPOINT-865] tests filtering by test groups in Sandbox
  • [ARCPOINT-867] Resolved - when a lab user creates a new test, issue generated
  • [ARCPOINT-868] Resolved - as a lab, when I create a new order through order, new order specimen info card not functioning
  • [ARCPOINT-870] Resolved - Order edit . . . ability to unlock tests no longer functioning
  • [ARCPOINT-871]  Resolved - global default staff removed deletion removed from client level
  • [ARCPOINT-872] Resolved - as a client made an edit to a test. Made a few changes. submit --> unresponsive
  • [ARCPOINT-873] Resolved - As a lab user, I created a test with supplemental items. As a client, I loaded the test and edited. Supplemental items did not appear.
  • [ARCPOINT-874] Resolved - as a lab user, when I create an order through scheduler, patient dropdown no longer populates and page styling is incorrect.
  • [ARCPOINT-875] Resolved - As a client user, several tests in the test dropdown are being duplicated
  • [ARCPOINT-876] Resolved - In appointment edit on scheduler, total amount when there are duplicate supplemental items is incorrect
  • [ARCPOINT-882] Resolved - as a user of the scheduler, credit card should be the default selection. Credit card only displaying when any selected.
  • [ARCPOINT-886] Prevent continual search for appointment
  • [ARCPOINT-890] Add Update Message To Modal For Client Edit Test
  • [ARCPOINT-894] Resolved - Supplemental items on order generating issue
  • [ARCPOINT-895] Resolved - creating any staff member generates error
  • [ARCPOINT-896] Resolved - as a lab user clicking on the set default scheduler settings generates error
  • [ARCPOINT-898] research and correct source of duplicate clients/sub-clients
  • [ARCPOINT-899] Resolved - creating a new room generates error
  • [ARCPOINT-906] Resolved - as a client user working with a newly created client, creating a new staff member generates an error
  • [ARCPOINT-907] Resolved - as a client user seeing an error when I alter schedule on a new client
  • [ARCPOINT-910] Edit Schedule Blade Issue With Payment Method Value


Version 1.9
May 4, 2023​​​​​​​

  • ARCPOINT 476 Result view Notes Rediirect. Corrected improper routing issue.
  • ARCPOINT 822 Clients may now create panels.
  • ARCPOINT 735 Ability to correct or change client in result view through the "change" buttons.
  • ARCPOINT 832 Allowing client test fields to persist regardless of changes made at the lab level.
  • ARCPOINT 833 Updates to default test image if broken. Corrections to the broken images
  • ARCPOINT 830 Updates to Test Category on edit test.
  • ARCPOINT 835 Updates to result badge spans. Correction to result buttons that were behaving incorrectly on added tests.
  • ARCPOINT 837 Addition of client supplemental items to scheduler. Allow client's active setting to persist even if changes are made on the lab level
  • ARCPOINT 843 Allow lab to make changes to scheduler's default consent information without overwriting other settings
  • ARCPOINT 842 Correction to test edit. When test and group was changed, result badge remained the same.
  • ARCPOINT 846 Customer reported that client payment method was not working properly when selected in test edit.
  • ARCPOINT 841 Although updates have been made, this is still in progress. The intent is to eliminate the appearance of duplicate charges.
  • ARCPOINT 847 Correct styling issues in shopping cart. Corrections made to mobile shopping cart view (e.g. keeping dollar sign on same line as amount)
  • ARCPOINT 852  Correction made so that phone number persists on schedulerEnsures that if no emergency contact number entered, primary phone number still persists
  • ARCPOINT 834 Test level ability to remove cover page.In test edit, lab users may now opt to remove the cover page on results.
  • ARCPOINT 839 Added test defaults to scorpion API.
  • ARCPOINT 851 Resolved issue for creating appointmentments when more than one patient have the same email address

Version 1.8.2
April 3, 2023​​​​​​​

  • ARCPOINT 735    Create A Button For Lab Users To Be Able To Change The Client On A Result
  • ARCPOINT 748    Add A Client Default Payment Type Checkbox To Tests
  • ARCPOINT 767    Improve Scheduler Pre Reg Page Settings
  • ARCPOINT 766    Make Result Table Responsible For Ipad And Other Small Devices
  • ARCPOINT 781    Add International Checkbox Or Similar Solution Number Should Be Saved In Db But Should Not Send International Texts Update
  • ARCPOINT 770    Change Buttons On View Result Page
  • ARCPOINT 769    Add Specimen Source To The Page That Is Pulled Up When A Qr Code From The Pdf Template Is Scanned
  • ARCPOINT 768    Add Pharmacist Credentials Pharm D Or R Ph Or Both
  • ARCPOINT 771    Order Form Settings For New Sub Client
  • ARCPOINT 765     Change Buttons On Result View Lab Only
  • ARCPOINT 775    Return To Client Settings Switches Role From Lab To Client
  • ARCPOINT 777    Change Return To Order Settings Button To Return To Settings Button
  • ARCPOINT 780    Scheduler Cart Issue
  • ARCPOINT 779    Make Order Table Responsible On Small Devices
  • ARCPOINT 727    Aml Barcode Update
  • ARCPOINT 782    Please Make Result Table In Patient Portal More Responsive For Mobile Users
  • ARCPOINT 794    Allow Clients To Make Supplemental Items Required
  • ARCPOINT 793    Create An Add Parent Client Tests Button For Sub Clients
  • ARCPOINT 795    Additional Fields In Modal Form
  • ARCPOINT 749    Side Nav Not Displayed In Profile For Clients V2
  • ARCPOINT 785    Use Test Name Website Throughout The Scheduler Instead Of Using Test Name External
  • ARCPOINT 790    Update Retail Price Width For Client Level Tests Table
  • ARCPOINT 789    Replace Check In Date With Test Name For Order Table On Mobile Devices
  • ARCPOINT 786    Add All Tests Only Adds The Tests On The Current Page Not All Of The Tests On All Pages
  • ARCPOINT 735    Update Result Client On Dashboard
  • ARCPOINT 783    Add Patients Middle Initial To Result Pdf
  • ARCPOINT 792    Registration Emails Are Not Sending
  • ARCPOINT 798    Making Client Assignment Easier In Provider
  • ARCPOINT 797    Unresolved Result Table Issues
  • ARCPOINT 799    The List Of Providers In Client Edit Does Not Appear To Include The Default Providers
  • ARCPOINT 800    Result Details No Longer Displaying Result Or Abnormal Indicator Fields
  • ARCPOINT 788    Abandoned Shopping Carts Are Creating Appointments And Sending Confirmation Email