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ARCpoint Labs is proud to provide safe, convenient, and affordable DNA testing services to the community of St. Augustine, FL. We provide comprehensive and nationally-accredited DNA tests for both individuals and businesses with fast and effective results. You can have your safe and confidential DNA test done whether for private or personal reasons. Our technicians can administer DNA tests ordered by your doctor, tests that are court-mandated, or just for personal health and wellness reasons, self-knowledge, or curiosity.

ARCpoint Labs of St. Augustine

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DNA Testing - Sibling & Grandparentage

The DNA Avuncular, Grandparentage, Siblingship, Twin Zygosity, or Y-STR Testing panel tests determine kinship between people. It includes the following: An avuncular test that requires 1 alleged aunt or uncle and the child, A grand parentage test that requires 1 alleged grandparent and the child, A siblingship test that requires 2 siblings and 1 mother, Twin zygosity that determines if twins are identical or fraternal, A Y-STR test that compares 2 males to determine if a common paternal lineage is shared, A Y-STR Test will include an additional charge for autosomal relationship testing.

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DNA - Infidelity Testing

DNA Infidelity Testing provides reliable evidence in cases of suspected infidelity. You provide an item such as an undergarment or a used condom. We perform a check swab on you to eliminate your DNA. The results will tell you how many other sets of DNA were found on the object and whether those DNA samples are male or female.

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DNA Paternity Testing -Informational image
DNA Paternity Testing -Informational

DNA Paternity Testing evaluates the probability of a biological relationship between an alleged father and a specified child. It requires at least two participants (alleged Father and child) and swab samples from both parties. This test is NOT court admissible and for informational purposes only.

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